I find myself muddling along in Paris after a relentlessly suburban lifetime spent in Britain. One of the things that has kept me going (and sane) has been the knowledge that at the weekend I can lose myself in an Aladdin’s cave and play amongst mysterious treasures at the myriad brocantes that fill countless shops and occasionally line the streets.

A brocante is limited to a visual spectacle if you have no knowledge of the objects. I started to read and learn about antiques and collectables. As my knowledge grew Mr Bric (the reason why I relocated to France) started taking me to brocantes further afield. Now our Sunday mornings start at 5:00am as we load our car with provisions and drive out of Paris for a day spent treasure hunting.

I have decided to record our adventures and our significant (and not-so-significant) finds along the way.


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I'm a British thirty-something who's found herself living in Paris. I have developed something of an obsession with brocantes. I spend far too much time trawling through these treasure troves and thought it was time I documented my discoveries.

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